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Hello make-uppers! The pic above seems oh so serious (I guess I was in a bit of a serious mood today), but I just realized this picture is perfect to show a little bit of how awesome, not to mention how FUN, contouring can be! 

Contouring can be used to slim down features or simply to add a little more drama and depth to your makeup look. I will gladly admit contouring makes me feel like a bit of a model for Italian Vogue or something. Here are some key points to remember when contouring:

Now here is for the best part, THE PRODUCTS! Who doesn’t love the products? I always get a giddy feeling when I get to try something new in the lovely world of makeup. For this particular photo I used an apricot colored blush by NARS called Luster. This blush looks AMAZING on all skin tones might I add! Now for the contouring I used a bronzer I just started using called HOOLA by Benefit. The blush is a nice shade of brown and only has a slight hint of shimmer to it (just the way I like it!). Below I’ve listed perfect contouring shades for other skin tones. Check it out!

I hope this tutorial has helped and inspired all of you! Remember ladies (and hopefully some make-upping gents), makeup is FUN! It is all about creating a look and owning it with all you’ve got! Happy make-upping everyone!


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